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Plastic Trees To Remove Co2

June 1, 2008

Giant Plastic Trees To Save Planet by the Removal of


found it interesting – in a report published by the BBC – that the
scientist who originally coined the phrase “global warming” is backing
a radical solution to stem further damage to the planet caused by CO2.

Speaking at the Hay Literary Festival in Powys, Wales, Wallace Broecker suggests the way forward must surely lie with the construction of millions of “carbon scrubbers.”

These carbon scrubbers would be giant artificial trees that would
pull CO2 from the atmosphere via a specially designed plastic and the
gas would either be liquefied under pressure to be pumped underground
or converted to mineral.

So how exactly does this all work? From The Guardian:

“The team [led by Klaus Lackner, a physicist at Columbia University
in New York] says [the device] can trap the CO2 from air on absorbent
plastic sheets called ion exchange membranes, commonly used to purify
water. Crucially, it has discovered that humid air can then make the
membranes “exhale” their trapped CO2. The discovery was “some
serendipity and some working out,” Lackner said. “When I saw it the
first time, I didn’t believe it.”

Guardian coverage in full with a full explanation of the potentials behind the project.

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