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How Man-Made Noise May Be Altering Earth’s Ecology

May 31, 2008
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How Man-Made Noise May Be Altering Earth’s Ecology

We worry about the carbon emissions from SUVs and airplanes; maybe we should be
equally concerned about the racket they cause.
a field recording scientist:
In a biophony, animals divide up the acoustic spectrum so they don’t interfere
with one another’s voices.
It looks like the musical score for an orchestra, with each instrument in its
place. No two species are using the same frequency. “That’s part of how they
coexist so well,”

When they issue mating calls or all-important warning cries, they aren’t
masked by the noises of other animals.


what happens when man-made noise —

we should be developing not just clean tech but “quiet” tech, industrial
machinery designed to run as silently as possible. More regulations could help,
too. Cities have long had noise ordinances; wilderness areas could benefit from
tighter protections as well
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