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Husband battles croc for wife

May 24, 2008
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What an eyesore ... croc

A BRAVE husband saved his missus from a crocodile’s jaws –
by jumping on its back and poking its eyes.

Norm Moreen, 39, leapt into action after the 6ft beast grabbed
screaming Wendy Pethrick.

First he battered the croc – then sensing it was about to submerge
her in a “death roll” he rammed his fingers into its

The monster dropped Wendy and swam off, leaving the couple to struggle to the

He bandaged her wounds and they drove for help.

Last night Wendy, 36, said from her hospital bed: “I’m
lucky to be alive – thanks to Norm. I was standing on the bank
splashing water on my face when the crocodile grabbed my leg and dragged me

“I called out for Norm. Next minute he jumped in the water and on
the croc’s head.

“It was dragging me under.

Hero Norm said: “I knew it was a croc and I just jumped in. I didn’t
think twice. I just did it. When you need to save someone you love, you do

The mum of three suffered eight deep puncture wounds

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