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What Ideas Will Shape our Future? The 10 Ideas of the 21st Century

May 14, 2008
“More than money, more than politics, ideas are the secret power that this planet runs on.”

“The 21st century will overturn many of our basic assumptions about economic life. The 20th century saw the end of European dominance of global politics and economics. The 21st century will see the end of American dominance too, as new powers make their voices heard on the world stage.”

“The challenges of sustainable development—protecting the environment, stabilizing the world’s population, narrowing the gaps of rich and poor and ending extreme poverty—will render pass the very idea of competing nation-states that scramble for markets, power and resources.”

“The defining challenge of the 21st century will be to face the reality that humanity shares a common fate on a crowded planet.”

“6.6 billion people living in an interconnected global economy producing an astounding $60 trillion of output each year.”

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ideas are the secret power that this planet runs on
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10. Re-Judaizing Jesus
if you get the [Jewish] context wrong, you will certainly get Jesus wrong
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9. Mandatory Health
a crackdown on workers’ poor health habits
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8. The New Austerity
Americans have kept piling on more and more debt
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7. Synthetic Authenticity
the virtualization of life
has led to a deep consumer yearning for the authentic
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6. Geoengineering
compensate for an intensified greenhouse effect by reducing the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth
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5. Kitchen Chemistry
remaining brave cooks are going a little mad scientist
easier through gadgetry
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4. Reverse Radicalism
Why do people leave terrorist groups?
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3. The Post-Movie-Star Era
big names no longer mean big grosses
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2. The End of Customer Service
the need to interact
with human beings is quickly disappearing
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1. Common Wealth
ending our misguided view of the world as an enduring struggle of “us” vs. “them”
our fate, our common wealth, is in our hands
to save the world for all
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