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Truth in the real world

May 14, 2008
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How we apprehend and measure truth in the real world is not reducible to the world that people end up with when they choose to narrow the scope so as to exclude the real world. But when they go home at night they live in the real world with the rest of us. The world where good and evil exist and people matter more than all of the accumulated content of the sciences combined. More than the stars themselves, and we would give up any one of them in all their glory for the peace and safety of even one of our small children. Because in the end, if we are true to ourselves, we can only live consistently in a Theistic universe. It’s the one we we’re made for, and the kind of thing we are doesn’t make sense in any other. The one where persons are more important by far than anything else, and are not reducible to chance and time and matter in the void, but carry within themselves a transcendent importance that speaks of something else.

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