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Physicians Create List of Who Will Live and Die

May 14, 2008
Who is Out of Luck?

It’s being recommended that every hospital choose a triage team to decide who will get lifesaving treatment and who will not, but the guidelines already spell out some people who are supposed to be denied care. They include:


People older than 85

People with severe trauma, such as critical injuries from car crashes and shootings

Severely burned patients older than 60

People with severe mental impairment, such as advanced Alzheimer’s disease

People with severe chronic disease, such as advanced heart failure, lung disease or poorly controlled diabetes

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Physicians Create List of
Who Will Live and
Who Will Die in Pandemic / Disaster Scenario

In a move that sounds eerily like a disaster-based science
fiction movie, doctors have created a list of who to let die
should a pandemic
or other widespread disaster hit

The theory is that, should a mass disaster occur, medical
care — including everything from vaccines to respirators
to doctors and nurses themselves — could become scarce. So
a task force of members from prestigious universities, medical
groups, and government agencies (the Department of Homeland
Security, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
and the Department of Health and Human Services) has compiled
a list of people who would not be treated.

While some are calling the list an attempt to “play
God,” Dr. Asha Devereaux, a critical care specialist
and lead writer of the task force report, called the guidelines
a “blueprint for hospitals so that everybody will be
thinking in the same way.”

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