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An answer to the ‘cosmic coincidence’?

February 13, 2008
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An answer to the 'cosmic coincidence'?
NEW YORK: The late formation of rocky planets might explain a vexing cosmological coincidence about why intelligent life has evolved precisely at a relatively exciting point of the universe’s history.
During the past ten years, cosmologists have determined the age and composition of the universe to unprecedented precision: the universe is nearly 14 billion years old and is made mostly out of ‘vacuum energy’, which is making the expansion of the universe accelerate.
The theory goes that empty space isn’t really empty, but rather filled with virtual particles constantly popping in and out of existence. All this activity imparts energy to empty space, termed vacuum energy.
The cosmic coincidence is that we are living at precisely the time when vacuum energy is starting to dominate.
This drives some experts crazy because statistically, there’s less than a one per cent chance that this would be the case. Why, they ask, is this momentous event happening now, precisely when humans are alive
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