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Breakthroughs From 2007 Most Likely to Change the World

January 27, 2008
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10. Smaller Transistors: Intel was able
to reduce the size of features on their chips from 65 nanometers to 45

9. A Rhesus Monkey is Cloned
to Make Stem Cells:
This implies that cells from a sick patient could one
day be cloned to make stem cells from their own bodies, which could be used to
repair their own organs without risk of rejection.

8. Planets Discovered That May Harbor Life: A
pair of potentially life-containing planets was found in a distant solar

7. A Transparent Material as
Strong as Steel:
Using nanometer-sized clay particles, engineers created
a lightweight material with extraordinary strength.

6. Soft Tissue From a T. Rex Analyzed: The
biological molecules from a well-preserved
Tyrannosaurus rex leg bone revealed it had a lot in common with modern-day
5. Rhett Syndrome in Lab Mice Cured:
4. Enzymes Convert Any Blood Type to O:
3. Dinosaur Mummy Excavated and Scanned:
2. Chimpanzees Make Spears for Hunting:
1. Skin Cells Turned Into Stem Cells:
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