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the terrifying moment a gorilla dragged a tourist off into the jungle

January 7, 2008
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He weighs more than 30 stone and is nearly 6ft tall. Built like a brick outhouse, he could probably crush your skull in his hand.

So the important thing to remember when you’re invited into a silverback gorilla’s backyard is just who’s the boss. Oh, yes. And don’t look him in the eye unless you want to start a fight.


Sighting: The group of tourists catch their first glimpse of the 30 stone male as they wade through the Rwanda undergrowth


Stand-off: The jungle giant, joined by a younger member of its family, looks down warily as the visitors smile and take pictures


Sulky: The male momentarily turns away, with a look that says he’s not too happy


Scarey: Suddenly, the silverback rears up and pounds his chest with his huge fists


Snarling: Next second, the tourists reel back in terror as the gorilla launches itself at them


Snatched: With astonishing strength, the male hauls away a man in a blue anorak


Stepping in: A ranger waves a coat to distract the gorilla as the man scrambles away

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