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Forbidden Places – Creepy

December 29, 2007
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66 Urban ExplorationS In The DataBase

How To Use Forbidden-Places Urban Exploration DataBase…

There are several possibilities to browse our explorations:

Sorting by: name, type, country, exploration date (starting 1998 to today!), rating (from * to *****), status (abandoned, active, demolished, endangered or reconverted).

– You can click one of the following tags to filter and show only the corresponding locations:

– Type: factories, hospitals & asylums, military domains, private or public buildings, rooftops, trains, or underground structures

– Country: Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK & USA

– Status: abandoned, active, demolished, endangered or reconverted

Canfranc railway station
Castle of Mesen, Lede
Cinema Theater Varia
Clabecq iron foundry
Gary, Indiana, ghost town
Hellingly hospital (East sussex mental asylum)
Hospital X
Hudson River State Hospital
Lemaire’s Sanatorium
Maastricht casemates

Maastricht casemates

Sea View Children Hospital

Sea View Children Hospital

The abandoned crypt

The abandoned crypt

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