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We wake up or kill millions

September 5, 2007
I know Bush would not understand this concept. But I do. No nuclear
weapons should ever be used. And we need to dismantle what we
have. Hopefully we could use the material to generate power for the
good of man. Not for the destruction of the innocent.
clipped from
Frightening Animation Of Nuclear Fallout From An Attack On Iran!

Take look at this incredibly frightening animation from the Union Of Concerned Scientists.

The Bush administration and their sycophantic sibling Fox Noise have been ratcheting up the attack Iran rhetoric for months now. Prominent among their hysteria is talk of using bunker busting nuclear weapons to take out uranium enrichment facilities deep underground. Contrary to what the White House would have you believe, the notion that these weapons are harmless to life above ground is a lie.

Clearly, dead civillians mean nothing to this despotic, war loving administration. I wonder if the countries the radioactive cloud drifts over will feel the same.

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