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It rains in space.

September 5, 2007
I wish it would rain at my house.
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Astronomers Get First Look at Protoplanetary “Rainfall”

Think your town is rainy? Try living on a planet still in the process of formation, where five whole oceans of water might come raining out of space at supersonic speed.
Astronomers at the University of Rochester said Wednesday that they’ve observed this short-lived process of pre-planetary rainfall for what seems to be the first time in astronomical history (or, to be fair, at least the first time by Earth-based astronomers).
The most likely explanation for the observations, they say, is that
icy material is falling or has fallen from the envelope that birthed
the star onto a dense, surrounding disc. It is precisely within this
kind of disc formation that planets are believed to develop.

“Icy material from the envelope is in free-fall, reaching supersonic
speeds and crashing into the protoplanetary disk,
The ice vaporizes on impact, and
the warm water vapor emits a distinctive spectrum of infrared light.
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