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Solar-powered gadgets

August 27, 2007
neat stuff, prices had gone down…
clipped from

BoGo Solar Flashlight
BoGo Solar Flashlight $25.00

Solar Mosquito Guard
Solar Mosquito Guard $10.00 from

Eureka Solar Camping Tent
Eureka Solar Intent Family Camping Tent 11 x 11 $229.95 with
free shipping from

Brunton SolarRol
three sizes the SolarRoll 14 $339.95 (the largest) 12″x57″ open weighs 17 oz.
with a maximum output of 14 watts, SolarRoll 9 $239.95 10.6 oz with 9 watts, and
the SolarRoll 4.5 $149.95 at 6.4 oz. and max output of only 4.5 watts (enough to
recharge a pda and cell phones)

Wind Up Lantern

LED Lantern, Alarm & Phone Charger

From “no battery led” $49.95

solar power fo computers

solo Computer
clipped from

Intial costings suggest a base price commencing at $1000 (US) including basic RISCOS applications together with a word-processor (MS Word compatible), and a full internet suite.

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