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Human Knowledge-Foundations and Limits-Brian Holtz

August 26, 2007
There are many more questions discussed, but there was enough room to provide some examples. He is asking the kinds of questions, that while profound, must be considered as answerable if we are to understand where we stand in the universe, and where we have the ability to go.
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Brian Holtz is an American software engineer, blogger, webmaster
He worked with Sun Microsystems for 11 years and is now employed by Yahoo.
‘‘Human Knowledge: Foundations and Limits’’, an extensive paper which attempts to answer life’s big questions regarding philosophy (ontology, theology, axiology), mathematics, natural science (physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, and geoscience), technology, social science, and futurology, among other fields.
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  • Why is there something rather than
    Might the world be an illusion or
    What exists beyond the human senses? What
    happens after death? Does divine
    or supernatural agency
    exist? Is the future already
  • What is the meaning of life? What is right
    and wrong? Is the world good
    or bad
    ? Are humans good or evil? What beings
    have what rights? What should
    one do
  • What is truth? consciousness?
    intelligence? What are the limits
    of intelligence
    ? Of logic? Could a machine
    ? Does free will exist?
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