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August 11, 2007
We’re left to speculate what sort of beings inhabited this area. They couldn’t be human since this was 2,000 years before god made man. It boggles the mind.
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Stone Age Settlement Found Under English Channel

Erosion on the floor of the English Channel is revealing the remains
of a busy Stone Age settlement, from a time when Europe and Britain
were still linked by land, a team of archaeologists says.

The site, just off the Isle of Wight, dates back 8,000 years, not
long before melting glaciers filled in the Channel and likely drove the
settlement’s last occupants north to higher ground.

“This is the only site of its kind in the United Kingdom,” said
Garry Momber, director of the Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime
Archaeology, which led the recent excavations. “It is important because
this is the period when modern people were blossoming, just coming out
of the end of the Ice Age, living more like we do today in the valleys
and lowlands.”

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