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UN talks aid Elephants, Eels

June 17, 2007
…and pave the way to help other species. From this article: “The U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity said last month that species are disappearing at a rate of three an hour. By that reckoning, about 1,000 species vanished during the(se) talks.”
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Elephants and eels may find life slightly easier after trade curbs imposed by
U.N. talks ending on Friday that are a pinprick to slow what may be the worst
wave of extinctions since the dinosaurs.

The June 3-15 meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered
Species (CITES) also agreed trade restrictions for commercial species including
Brazilwood timber, used in violin bows, some fish and corals.

Delegates said the decision on the elephant export ban might help put the
spotlight on other species.

“At these meetings it’s always elephants, elephants, elephants,” said Zimbabwe’s
Environment and Tourism Minister Francis Nhema. “Maybe other species will get
more attention in future,” he said, mentioning, lions, leopards and even
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