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eBay Ivory Trade Threatens Elephants

May 29, 2007
Buy conscientiously. The buck stops with the consumer. Stop the buying and you’ll stop the killing.
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eBay Condemned for Allowing Ivory Trade

LONDON — The elephant, the world’s largest land mammal, is being threatened with global extinction by a “rampant trade” in ivory on the eBay online auction site, animal welfare campaigners said on Tuesday.

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) said it had conducted a survey in Britain, Australia, China, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Canada and the United States and tracked more than 2,200 elephant ivory items listed on eBay websites.

It found more than 90 percent of the listings breached even eBay’s own wildlife policies.

International wildlife trade laws differ from country to country and are often complex, but according to the IFAW in general it is illegal to sell carved or uncarved ivory unless it is antique and accompanied by a proof of age certificate.

“As the world’s largest online shop window, eBay has a special responsibility to lead the way by banning ivory from their sites, said Robbie Marsland, IFAW’s British director.

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