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We are ruining our fresh water supply

May 27, 2007
The fresh water resources are being squandered and ruined – mankind is facing a bleak future if it continues to abuse our environment
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The Hidden Freshwater Crisis
Toxic chemicals are contaminating groundwater on every inhabited continent,
endangering the world’s most valuable supplies of freshwater
groundwater pollution shows that a toxic brew of pesticides, nitrogen
fertilizers, industrial chemicals, and heavy metals is fouling groundwater
everywhere, and that the damage is often worst in the very places where people
most need water
“Groundwater contamination is an irreversible act that will deprive future
generations of one of life’s basic resources
In the next 50 years, an additional 3 billion people are expected to inhabit the
Earth, creating even more demand for water for drinking, irrigation, and
industry. But we’re polluting our cheapest and most easily accessible supply of
water. Most groundwater is still pristine, but unless we take immediate action,
clean groundwater will not be there when we need it
Water that enters an aquifer remains there for an average of 1,400 years,
compared to only 16 days for rivers.
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