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The Price of Going Green?

April 27, 2007
One should have a close look at one’s own tail end as it were.
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We’ve all heard about the “green movement”, the latest fad in which companies stepping up, criticizing the government and making themselves look oh-so-much-better by supposedly saving the environment. 
Why are these companies stepping up so rapidly and in such great succession to suddenly cut their energy consumption and environmental impact.  Surely it can’t be out of good conscience or good will to the world population, could it?  It isn’t like these companies have exactly been that responsible in the past, for if they had, the world wouldn’t be in such bad shape these days.  Sure, we can’t blame all of the problems in the world on big corporations, but we can blame some of them. 
While it is unfortunant that companies in America are doing the “greent hing” just for the sake of business, it doesn’t seem like we would see much progress on this front if it weren’t for that
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