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Environmentalism: The Eco-theocratic Superstate

April 27, 2007
clipped from
n a recent address to
the CATO Institute in Washington, D.C., Czech President Vaclav
Klaus declared, “Environmentalism is a religion.

Given the supranational character of Gore’s proposed social and
political machinations, the claims of Vaclav Klaus certainly gain
more credibility. In his address to the CATO Institute, Klaus
specifically identified the world’s gradual migration towards global
governance as a threat to liberty everywhere (Mooney, no
pagination). Klaus contended that environmentalism was providing
the ersatz religion for gradually developing superstate (no
pagination). If he is correct, then Gore qualifies as the high
priest of the emergent world theocracy. Gore’s film, An
Inconvenient Truth
, enjoyed an international audience and won
an academy award at the Oscars. Evidently, the evangel of the new
ecclesiastical authority is spreading. Heretics, beware.
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