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The Indigo Children

March 22, 2007
….Interesting thoughts…

The Indigo Children website (owned by Kryon Writings)

One thesis of The Indigo Children seems to be that many children diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder (ADD) or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) represent “a new kind of evolution of humanity.”* These children don’t need drugs like Ritalin, but special care and training.

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The Indigo phenomenon has been recognized as one of the most exciting
changes in human nature ever documented in society. The Indigo label
describes the energy pattern of human behavior which exists in over 95% of
the children born in the last 10 years … This phenomena is happening
globally and eventually the Indigos will replace all other colors. As
small children, Indigo’s are easy to recognize by their unusually large,
clear eyes. Extremely bright, precocious children with an amazing memory
and a strong desire to live instinctively, these children of the next
millennium are sensitive, gifted souls with an evolved consciousness who
have come here to help change the vibrations of our lives and create one
land, one globe and one species. They are our bridge to the future.*
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  1. saronguardian permalink
    July 12, 2010 7:29 am

    I respect the work you have done so much.
    I was hoping you could take a look at the information below and get back to me with your thoughts.

    I am a trance channel for a Seraphim Angel by the name of Saron. His purpose is to put people on or keep people on the pathway to ascension or enlightenment. I channel publicly weekly at the Ganesha Center in Las Vegas, NV. You can find my blog at:


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