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10 Most Magnificant Trees in the World

March 22, 2007
You really should take the time to read the article – there is a lot to learn there about the trees in the pictures.
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10. Lone Cypress in Monterey

The Lone Cypress

Lone Cypress at Pebble Beach

9. Circus Trees

Basket Circus Tree

Circus Tree with Two Legs

Ladder Tree

Axel Erlandson underneath a Circus Tree

8. Giant Sequoias: General Sherman

General Sherman Tree

7. Coast Redwood: Hyperion and Drive-Thru Trees

Stratosphere Giant

Chandelier Tree

6. Chapel-Oak of Allouville-Bellefosse

Chapel Oak Tree

Chapel Oak Tree

Chapel Oak Tree

5. Quaking Aspen: Pando (The Trembling Giant)

Quaking Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove

Aspen in winter and snow

4. Montezuma Cypress: The Tule Tree

Tule Tree next to a church

Girth of the Tule Tree

Detail of knotted burl of the Tule Tree

3. Banyan Tree: Sri Maha Bodhi Tree

Banyan tree

Banyan tree's aerial root system

Banyan tree at Ta Prohm temple

Banyan Tree which Buddha sat under

Sri Maha Bodhi

2. Bristlecone Pine: Methuselah and Prometheus, the Oldest Trees in the World.

Prometheus bristlecone pine grove

Stump of Prometheus

1. Baobab

Baobab Avenue


Baobab at sunset

Teapot baobab

Baobab in Tanzania

Another baobab in Africa

Toilet inside a baobab tree

Prison boab

Bonus: Tree That Owns Itself

Tree that Owns Itself

Bonus 2: The Lonely Tree of Ténéré

Tree of Tenere

Metal sculpture of Tenere tree
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